About Us

Founded in 2018, Fairest Publishing is operated in Western Sydney, Australia and features handmade books and accessories created by self-published fantasy writer and bookbinder Fabian De Sousa, and beautifully illustrated by EU-based traditional artist drachenmagier.

Every book created by Fairest Publishing is hand-sewn using a variation of the kettle-stitch technique, allowing each book to be opened almost flat for convenient and comfortable reading. Environmentally-friendly, high-quality cardstock, chipboard and paper are used for the covers and pages, raw beeswax is used for the thread, and all the text and beautiful illustrations are printed using a high-quality inkjet printer to ensure the best reading experience possible!

The Fairest Series

Set in a fairy tale world filled with magic and wonder, the Fairest series follows the adventures of two fairy tale princesses as they overcome incredible challenges to forge their own destinies. Including a plethora of magical creatures, such as dwarves and giants, mermaids and dragons, witches and fairies, and much more, follow the adventures of the Fairest of them all in an enchanting world of re-imagined fairy tales.